We are NOT closed!

In the past year we have started our new website, and put it to work at our new domain www.weekendervillas.com. However, in the past we had an old website which was hosted in Germany. We knew that the website was outdated and wanted to build this beautiful new one, so that our guests could see what our resort was all about. We wanted big pictures, and lots of information that would show what our resort really looked like.

When we went to the old web designer/administrator and asked for the password so that we could get to work on the new website he refused it as he felt that we were unfairly discontinuing services with him. It was also claimed that he owned the domain and would not give it up for anything less than what would be held in Fort Knox!

Determined to give our guests the experience that they deserved, we continued on with our plans to make a new website, and registered a new domain. We now have this fantastic new online presence that you see when you take a look at our web page.

However, there has been a downside to all of this. Due to years of the old website being in place it still sits at number 1 on the list when you search for the Weekender Villa Beach Resort on google. As we don’t control this domain, we can’t control the content that is on the landing page. At the moment it says ‘Sorry we are closed’, and we get a lot of phone calls asking if we actually are closed.

I am here to assure you that we are not closed, and don’t plan to be for a long time. It is just another parlour trick to try and force our hand and cave in to the ransom being requested by the previous designer. If you enjoyed your stay at the resort, enjoy our new website or facebook page, please share the new web address so that all of our guests can know where to go when they need information, make bookings or just want to browse the site so that everybody can enjoy it. We do our very best to please our guests from the time they book to the times they look back on their stay.

Remember, if you are looking for us on google, and you get the message ‘Sorry we are closed’, for now look just a little further down the list and we will be there. Soon enough we will be on top but until then we appreciate your support and feedback.

  • Chris

    You guys are great. Palau Dive Adventures. Sorry, for all the headaches!!!

  • Weekender Villa Beach Resort

    When I wrote this post, we were on the second page of search results. Now, here we are not far behind our old website!
    It looks like our efforts are working. We will be up there soon, no more confusion.

  • Weekender Villa Beach Resort

     There was an image attached to that comment :( If you google ‘Weekender Villa Beach Resort’ you can see it for yourself! Make sure you click the link that says http://www.weekendervillas.com.