The Resort

The Weekender Villa Beach Resort is an 11 bungalow resort located on Lamai Beach on the world renowned island of Koh Samui in Thailand. The resort has a forty metre beach frontage. The closest shopping district is Lamai, which is a five minute drive away – or you can get there by taking a 20 minute stroll along the beach. There is parking available on the resort grounds.

The resort itself has in inground pool overlooking the beach which sits in close proximity to the bar and restaurant. The restaurant area is open for drinks and meals all day. There are public toilets available, however each room contains its own private bathroom for guests.

The restaurant is also open to visitors not staying at the resort, so anyone walking along the beach can drop in for a meal.

All bungalows (except for Beachfront) are set in the garden with beautiful 60 year old Banyan Trees creating lots of shaded space.

The Koh Samui international airport is a 30 minute drive away from the resort with approximately 2 flights arriving every hour. Most flights require a stop-over in Bangkok before arriving in Koh Samui.

The main attraction in the area is the Big Buddha. A 12mtr high golden Buddha that overlooks the island and can be seen from many kilometres away. It is viewable when arriving or departing by plane.

The ‘Water Festival’, the ‘Festival of Light’ and monthly ‘Full Moon Party’ are the major events/festivals/attractions on Koh Samui.