Excellent information source for Samui!

Good morning to all of our valued guests and followers.

I would like to direct you all to Camille’s Samui info blog. I stumbled across this website this morning and it is a fantastic source of information for anybody who is travelling to or visiting Koh Samui with loads of information. Here is a little extract from the header of the blog:
“Welcome to the original Koh Samui info and weather blog with lots of information on things to do and see around tropical island destination Koh Samui in Thailand including daily weather updates, brought to you by long term resident Camille Lemmens since February 2007.”

I imagine one of the most visited sections of the blog is the weather section. It would appear that Camille updates the blog daily and gives you a really good indication of the weather on the island.

But there is more than just weather. There is links all over the site with more than enough information for the average tourist, with things to do and see, warnings, holidays, hotel recommendations and more.

This website is a must see for travellers and tourists and one that we will be visiting often! If you find this blog useful, feel free to make a small paypal donation to keep fantastic sites like this going! They are a valuable source of information for anybody and by the looks of things it takes up quite a bit of time.

Enjoy the read, and happy holidays.